About Us

Wolmer's was founded on May 21, 1729 in Kingston, Jamaica per the will of John Wolmer. In 1782 there were 64 boys, 15 girls and 6 members of staff. In 1896 the school was separated into independent Boys' and Girls' high schools.

After the 1907 earthquake, when most of the school buildings were destroyed, the schools were moved from downtown Kingston to their present locations, north of the National Heroes Park.

The Wolmer's Preparatory school was created in 1941, and currently all three schools have a total of about 3000 students and 150 faculty. More information about the schools is available on the official website.

Over the years the graduates of Wolmer's have excelled in all fields of endeavors and have made significant contributions to the development of Jamaica and else where. In 1975, a very special group of young men began their matriculation at Wolmer's Boys' School (WBS); this is our website.